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Link to Nicki’s New Song-I Beez on The Track FEAT 2CHAINZ

My Favorite Performance of the Night. Nicki came in with a priest and dressed in a long heavy red jacket somewhat like Red Riding Hood. She did not smile, speak or take her hood off. She walked in with the  priest on her arm.

  • Later in the night, she performed. During her performance, she introduced a character from her Series, Roman, whom I had assumed was a boy.
  • In several of her songs, Roman was mentioned. In her song with Eminem, a vulgar, careless and fearless character named Roman was introduced. In Moment for Life, Roman’s mother, Martha had a cameo and when asked “Where was Roman?” His Mother said “In bording school.”
  • To my suprise, I found out Roman is a blonde, naturally beautiful woman. Don’t Mistake the beautiful outward appearance for his/her personality. Roman is quite pyschotic!! Nicki put on a daring performance that to many was an excorcism.

I Love Nicki and her performance made me excited. So, for those who thought it was Satanic, calm down and Thank God for giving Onika Maraj, the beautiful talents that he bestowed upon her. I want to see the characters in a movie.


She arrived in a slender, long black gown with a tan. She was definitely the best dressed, her gown was Armani and she designed the idea of the piece. The back was out and a deep v was in the front. Rihanna said it was classy but a little gangsta. I absolutely Love Rihanna and consider her my Sister!!! Her younger brother and father was there as well.

See full size image


So as I type this, I’m screaming “Go Sister, Go Sister,Go!!” I LOVE YOU!!


Jessie J looked classy with a beautiful long silver(My Fav. color) dress and side ponytail. Her voice is to live for and she has such a charming personality. I love the message her music carries and did I say “HER VOICE IS TO LIVE FOR”.


Ice Loves Coco, no wonder why!!! This woman knows how to be a woman. She was dressed by Fashion police (the only man on the show). I love their Love.

Katy Perry

I love Katy Perry, she seems fun and crazy but her dress on the Grammy’s killed me. I did not like the shape, or the overall look. It looked like a grandma dress, it did not excite me or seem apropriate. Katy is wild and fun.
Tyra always says if your gonna show up top, dont show all your legs and vice versa. So, this would give Katy a classy but still young appearance.
She could’ve kept the soft blue as the color. She could’ve worn something like:

Bruno Mars-@brunomars
His performance was a shocker. He brought energy, James Brown moves and his Souful voice. Plus, I know he is soooo cute.
Bruno is very interesting.. tell me What you think??

The performance was o.k. but I’m kind of sick of him just dancing, I need to see new moves. I would like to hear him kill me with his voice in a love song. His dancing is already the best and we know this. I need More because when I seen Chris in concert, F.A.M.E concert, I was a little dissapointed. Kelly Rowland T.Pain did wonderful which I expected. I expected More out of Chris, his fun spirit seemed to be missing.

His New Album-Fortune- Soon 2 Be Released

The Chris I see is soemone who just wants to have a good time and he left his energy somewhere else. I still Love em!! Waiting on THAT PERFORMANCE THAT BLOWS MY MIND.

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Adios Amigos, Until Next Time…

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