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How are you?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

                          A question that often follows Hello, Nice to meet you is “How Are You??”

Why is that?? I wonder so you may, too.
 I believe that how you feel affects how you are as a person. So, when you first meet someone you may ask how they are because it will affect how they are as a person or you perceive them. If the person responds energetically, you may view them as cheerful or fake. If they respond calmly, you may say they are rude or reserved. I believe people ask How Are You unknowingly. This is a very important question, yes, feelings change every second. You should be character driven instead of emotionally driven but many of us allow our emotions to make decisions in our lives.
I dare you to put aside How You Feel and Apply What is Real.
Learn who you are and whose you are. Then the devil won’t have control over your Life but God will!!!!!
 Stop Looking Like This <—

Start Looking Like This<—

Every Dream of Yours can be a Reality if you Stop Allowing Past Mistakes and Pain to control You.

I always say “It is what it is”
When things occur that are out of your control, allow God to Handle It.

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Adios Amigos, Until Next Time

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