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T.I. and Friends

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything in Between:

My Fourth of July was spent at a CONCERT!!


The concert was outside and that was the only bad part about it.


T.I. was sexy and cool. T.I. said very few words out of each song but was still very entertaining. He had on white pants, and a fourth of July tee. He has very pretty skin. he looks about the height he does on T.V.
Lloyd has the Cutest voice in the world, he sounds just like a chipmunk. His singing voice is even better in person. I have to admit I did not know he would be there and he surprised me in every way. Who knew Lloyd could dance? I surely didn’t. He had on one skinny sock and one fat one. I told my cousin he was on house arrest and he later mentioned he recently broke his ankle. I could talk about him all day but I’ll stop here.

B.O.B. was so energetic. B.O.B played the guitar and piano. He was a RockStar on stage, he definitely grabbed my attention. His dancers could DAAANNCE!! He had a swag that was enticing.


T.Pain as always impressed me. I now feel like he is so UNDERRATED!! He is recognized for hooks on people’s song but I need him to gain about twenty million followers and fifty more Grammy’s. T-Pain is the King of (Help me figure it out)!!

At the end of the day, I love him and wish him continued success, family and all. 

    Young Jeezy
He was good but he curse too much for me.
Best 4th of Juky to Date.

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Adios Amigos, Until Next Time

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