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The Best REALITY T.V. at it’s Worse

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between: 

Reality TV:

  • I absolutely love reality shows. I love the excitement, drama and diversity.
  •  Reality Shows give us a deeper look into the lives of many different people in this world. 
  • Right now, my favorite reality show is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Reality Shows are all Learning Experiences.
  • Read about what I have to say below. 

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta

  • Joseline and Stevie J make this show, LEGENDARY!!
  • I love the drama between this love triangle because woman need to realize this is what some men do.
  • I’ve always respected Rasheeda and I love her husband. This shows that marriage is difficult but worth the challenge.
  • K Michelle has an amazing voice and her new mixtape “0 fu-ks given” is the best.
  • Scrappy is the talk of town now but with his edge and fearlessness, I see why. K Michelle is funny, too.
  • I like his baby mother Erica and Momma Dee(with her gangsta self).
  • I want Mimi to find and keep a better man for her daughter’s sake.
Stevie J and Joseline Interview with Hot 97
Stevie J and his daughter by Mimi Faust
K Michelle’s “Bury My Heart”


Chicago Licous
  • I love this show, McCray() and Austin (@AustinEMaxfield)  are my favorite two people. McCray is hilariously fabulous and Austin is beautiful and sweet.
  •  Valencia, the oldest and longest hair stylist  at AJ’s, is always fighting for the center of attention. She is a former model.
  • AJ is the owner of AJ’s Hair Salon in Chicago. His voice is so irritating but I like him.
  • Niki is so eccentric and it brings a light to  people that live her lifestyle. She is a great worker. 
  • Katrell is nice but boring. This show is very similar to Beverly Hills:Fabulous with Elgin Charles(Jackee Harry ex-husband).

Mama Drama
  • A show with (supposedly)grown women and their 21 and over children who they do everything with.
  • Just like the title, the show is filled with Drama. Mothers cursing out daughters and daughters disrespecting mothers.
  • I do not like this show but I watch it.
Adrienne and Julissa

  • I have loved Adrienne since the Cheetah Girls, she has always been my favorite Cheetah Girl. I always loved her spicy attitude which is seen even more on the show.
  • Julissa was a host on 106 and park and I slightly remember her from the show.
  • The show shows these two best friends refreshing their careers and building Empires.
  • I Love Adrienne (@AdrienneBailon) and Julissa!!

Bad Girls Club
  • These girls are supposed to be transforming their bad ways but throughout the show, they fight and argue, only to discover their friends were their biggest enemies.
  • Each season starts off with seven females and as the show goes on, girls are replaced with new ones.
When you say “Reality Shows are fake.” 
Always remember Tupac said “Reality is Wrong, Dreams are Real.”
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Adios Amigos, Until Next Time

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