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Chris Brown and Rihanna-Later in 2012

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

I Love Chris Brown and Rihanna as I’ve mentioned before!! I am happy they have reconnected!!



  • I am proud of how honest my sister @Rihanna was on @Oprah Next Chapter.
  • She admitted she was still in Love with Chris and that they are friends working on their relationship.
  • Comment Below and Let Me know “How You Feel?”
  • Chris is supposedly in a relationship with Karrechue which I believe is not going to last very long.
  • I was right, it is a month later and Karrechue are no longer together!!
  • I believe Karrechue is not the love of Chris’s life, clearly Rihanna is but they were young and immature at the time of their relationship. 


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    Adios Amigos, Until Next Time

    One thought on “Chris Brown and Rihanna-Later in 2012

    1. It is great that they have chosen to forgive and move on, even though the rest of the world refuses to let them (like Joan Rivers comments on twitter after the Oprah-Rihanna interview).


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