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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:
I’ve always loved Evelyn on Basketball Wives and I tend to like the person that nobody else does. Iyanla digs deep inside of you to pull out your Darkest Moments so one day you will live your Brightest Life.

  • In an effort to fix some of her deep rooted anger issues, ‘Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozada appeared on the premiere episode of Iyanla Vanzant’s ‘Fix My Life’ which aired last night on the OWN Network. During the 40 minute segment (that was filmed before she filed for divorce], Evelyn explained her anger issues by telling Iyanla that she’s always on defense mode because she doesn’t trust anyone. Iyanla, in response, asked her, ‘What is it about you that creates that energy in the world? You are the one that dictates what goes on in your life?
  • Evelyn also revealed that her ‘ah ha’ moment regarding her behavior happened when her step-daughters were laughing about her throwing a bottle at someone on television. That’s when she realized she wasn’t setting the best example but she also realized that every woman in her family deals with conflict the same way. Iyanla had Evelyn’s mom sit in on a portion of the interview and it was revealed that her mother was abandoned by her own mom when she was a little girl. Her mom also said that she feels bad for Evelyn sometimes because she just doesn’t know any better.
  • Throughout the interview, Evelyn expressed that she wanted to change and that she is still the 7 year old girl who is afraid of not being love as well as being afraid of losing everything that she’s acquired. Iyanla was very supportive as she spoke with Evelyn about her past, but she also gave it to her straight at times, especially when it came to her behavior on ‘Basketball Wives’. She told her:

You’ve been rewarded for being out of order and a thug among woman. You got to get that and only you can change it. We have to know what it is gonna cost you to become the truth of who you are. Because it’s gonna cost you. You get paid for that! Will you get paid for being the truth of who you are as a woman in this world?

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  • Story: Evelyn Lozada thanks Iyanla Vanzant on Twitter after ‘Fix My Life’ airs “Listening to you guys talk about me and my actions, and the things that I’ve done on TV, and the things that I’m not really proud of…” says Evelyn, who begins to tear up.
  • “I did,” replied Evelyn. “And I’m here to tell you guys I’m sorry for being a bad example.”“You’d cry sometimes,” says Evelyn’s stepdaughter Cha’iel, referring to past situations within their family where Evelyn would get emotional over her past behavior on past episodes of “Basketball Wives.
  • “I’m now you’re stepmother…you’re dad’s wife. And I haven’t always handled things the right way,” adds Evelyn, who is speaking to Chad Ochocinco’s children.

Story: Iyanla Vanzant says her Evelyn Lozada interview was taped prior to Chad Johnson abuse

  • “I want your forgiveness,” adds Evelyn. “Do you guys forgive me?
  • When Iyanla asks one of Evelyn’s stepdaughters how it feels to hear Lozada say that, she replies it makes her feel “happy that she’s willing to change for us.”
  • After part one of Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life” aired on OWN, Evelyn Lozada jumped on Twitter to thank both of you and Oprah.

                Chad’s Eldest Daughter

“Thank you @IyanlaVanzant for helping me to explore my issues. I’m grateful for your willingness to understand and help me grow.”

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