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Jill Scott’s Natural Hair

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

I think she looks BEAUTIFUL!!

Jill Scott recently had a photo shoot with ESSENCE Magazine and displayed her natural hair which is a trend right now!!

          is Below is Tweets that Jill Scott Tweeted  Today About Who She is:

Tweets All / No replies

I like random conversations in markets about nothing. Gotta go pick up my son. NOW. I’m faaaaaarrrrrr from perfect. Peace.
I’m a carnivore. I’m a vegetarian. I love the winter. I drink lemon drops. I’ll probably always be overweight. I’m not mad about it.

I’ve been married ONCE. I’ve been engaged TWICE. I love to be invisible in a crowd. I’m a dudes girl. I’m not single. I have a love village
I’m wary of fanaticism. I love support. I am not an idol. I don’t believe in them. I pick my son up from school on a bike. I detest salmon
I play video games. I have an escape plan in zombies attack, I’ve never “been” w/ a woman but we are BEAUTIFUL. I’m down for love. I learn

I’m insecure as the next but I love God so much that I ignore that sick voice that tells me I’m not a marvel. I’m Storm in Black Panther

Hello my name is Jill Scott and I’m a movie fan. I dig Tilda S. & subtitles. I like cold coffee. I talk to trees. 💨, I live within my means,
I like people. Not that celebrities aren’t people but there are some fly folks in this word. Thoughtful, interesting, clever, exciting…
Be clear. I’m not “speaking out” or “blasting” twitter. Geezzzz it’s an observation.
Ok all actors or singers. No poets, no song writers. U gon do me. Do me.
When I look at my profile, twitter says people similar to , looks like Black people only. That’s not all I am.

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Adios Amigos, Until Next Time

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