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Youtube in November

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

If you haven’t checked out these videos, then you are NORMAL!!

Ashanti feat. R.Kelly: WHAT WE DO
This song speaks for women and men in relationships especially the ones that I know. Ashanti sounds pretty good here and R.Kelly(King of R&B) sounded as good as usual.

Chrisette, Ledisi, Eric Benet:BE GOOD TO YOURSELF Tour

I Love Chrisette, Love Ledisi and have a new found love for Eric Benet. Chrisette scatting makes me SPEECHLESS. I spoke about Ledisi’s tour a while ago when I went to see her and expressed my Love for her and Eric Benet.

Rihanna feat. Chris Brown: AIN”T NOBODY BUSINESS

I Love Rihanna and Chris Brown!! This song is how Rihanna and Chris say that they feel about their relation, that is ain’t nobody business but unfortunately they constantly feed us their business such as this photo of Rihanna with Chris.

P.S. — Chris, you can’t say you don’t care what others think if you keep arguing on twitter with people. Love them even if they hate!!
                            Rihanna's recent addition to Instagram

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Adios Amigos, Until Next Time

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