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STYLE In December

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

Can we get healthy in 2013? Please 

 FUR IS IN!!   
If your Hot, you will wear fur this season!!  
Love the top of this jacket and the fit!!

Relaxed Diva
Preppy Cool Chic

Hot in Parie
Just One of Those Days
Men Boots


No, Tamar(@TamarBraxtonHer) does not have plastic surgery for the reasons you think and No, She did not bleach her skin!!

What’s been the hardest part thus far?
Reading the blogs. Vince keeps telling me not to read the blogs and the comments but it’s hard. Everyone has something to say and how they perceive you is based off of one hour of television a week. And the rumors – did I bleach my skin? Did I have plastic surgery.
On Plastic Surgery
I had a nose job. But not for the reason everybody thinks. I was born with no cartilage in my nose, and it made breathing very difficult. And the SNORING? Oh My God! So I’ve had a couple surgeries – the first time they put an implant in and I had to have it removed – so eventually they took some cartilage from my ear and put it in my nose. Oh and that HURT! They want me to have a third procedure but I’m trying not to have it. But this is something that runs in our family. My father had the same thing done, and so did Toni.
I believe everyone should do anything they need to do to make themselves feel good. It’s the same reason why people don’t just eat whatever they want. They don’t want to be fat as hell. You don’t want to look like a Hotmess.com! So you do things to fix it…Plastic surgery is the exact same thing.
On Toni’s Illness
You know this is something that is actually really hard for me, hard to talk about. For the longest time I thought Toni was just being lazy, laying down all the time. I really didn’t understand. So when we found out she was sick, I really felt bad. And I think I’ve had the most guilt about this so I probably go a little above and beyond to try to help her out. But it’s tough. Some days you know she’s not feeling well. It hurts to talk about this.
On Whether She’s Signed A Record Deal
You’ll have to watch the show! But I can tell you this, there was that one clause I wanted, I needed to make sure my record would be released within a year because you know executives never put their wives out.
On What To Expect From Her Music
I’m all over the place! I’m a little rock, a little soul and I’m someone’s wife so I have to make sure I’m presented in a respectable way. I can’t be gyrating on stage half naked. I’m like Adele meets Lauryn Hill…In a pants suit.
On Her Personal Style
Oh I’ll wear anything. I’m haute couture meets Forever 21! I’ve loved Dolce & Gabbana since I was a child. But I don’t have any boundaries but I try to make sure I look good so people aren’t out here saying ‘Oh look at Tamar, she’s a hotmess.com!’

Read more: Necole Bitchie.com: Tamar Braxton Opens Up About Feeling Guilty, Plastic Surgery & Her Recording Contract http://necolebitchie.com/2011/05/17/tamar-braxton-opens-up-about-feeling-guilty-plastic-surgery-her-recording-contract/#ixzz2EbdxhkxO

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Adios Amigos, Until Next Time

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