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Twitter Overload

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

Young Rapper Freddy E has committed suicide on January 5th 2012. These are his tweets as he killed himself. Our youth today are dealing with issues that feel far beyond their control to the point of suicide being committed.
This day couldn’t get any worse…
I’m about to delete my twitter in a second… </3
Fuck… my… life.
Ain’t nobody thirsty… -_-
Annnd, my day is ruined.

Also on twitter, K Michelle and Necole Bitchie made up for their misunderstanding. 
Tweets are below:
So continue to take ur craft to the next level. From one woman to another go be GREAT  . Look forward to seeing u soon! ❤❤❤
So  I apologize. 2yrs ago I was at a very bad place in my life,and I hated EVERY1. I thought the world was against me.
Hello  I really appreciate ur support, that article just made me tear up. As a womanhttp://Necolebitchie.com

It has also been on my heart to reach out to u  and just say sorry! I support ur movement 100% and I’m happy for ur success.
Hello  I really appreciate ur support, that article just made me tear up. As a woman I can admit when Im wrong.I was wrong.
Tweet text

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 I always wanted to speak to you because I felt you were misinformed and it hurt my heart that you would think I was trying to
 hold you back. I would never ever do that to anyone. I am happy for your success and will continue to support you.
Adios Amiogs, Until Next Time


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