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R stands for R U Ready???? in May

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything Between:

This month, I decided to switch it up and I decided the A will stand for Atlanta, the R will stand for R U Ready????

Fantasia, definitely is Ready!!!!!!!!!

Have you heard her new album “Side Effects of You”, I love “Without Me”?

    R U Ready to take control over your life???

  • Don’t allow your weight to control you!!
  • Don’t allow your anger to control you!!
  • Don’t allow your relationship with others to control you!!
  • Don’t allow past issues or problems!!

Watch Iyanla on OWN Network, she could help you work out some of the issues you have so you can be READY for whatever blessing GOD has for you….

Looking Good

 photo PremiereUniversalPicturesFastFurious6DFA80SfJokdl_zps86aa47b9.jpg
Rocsi at the Fast and Furious 6 Premiere, Did you hear Rocsi passed out at the Billboard Awards 13′?  She’s now ready to take control over her health

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time

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