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ARTS in July

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

Chris Brown is on the cover of this year’s “BLANK” MAGAZINE

 photo Chris-Brown-BLANK-Magazine-Cover-1.jpg

 photo 1012726_10151472292292735_136127825_n-1.jpg

Chris Brown’s latest and hottest song “Fine China” is doing well on charts!!

His album  is coming out August 20th, 2013!!
be sure to get your copy or a couple of copies if you want.

Let Me Be honest and tell you that I am a huge music lover but I dont have albums, I only have three albums, BEYONCE< TREY SONGZ<CHEETAH GIRLS!!

For the cover, Mr. Breezy went on his high fashion tip and posed in a classic black and white tuxedo, while the rest of the pictorial shows him posing by a pool and inside a Hollywood Hills mansion. The black and white spread was shot by photographers Gomillion and Leupold.

 photo 1069298_10151448671442735_1899841021_n-1.jpg

 photo 1044289_10151448671867735_453765896_n.jpg

Ms. Skylar Diggins is doing amazing this year and other years as well but she has Signed with ROC NATION SPORTS AND IS NOW THE SPOKESWOMAN FOR NIKE AIR FORCE 1

 photo skylar-diggins-nike-air-force-1-spokesperson-2.jpg

Not only is she good on the court but she’s gorgeous!!
I wish I wouldve signed her, I need to hurry up and create my label.

Skylar recently tweeted, “Had a great time at the Nike AF1 event! What a great crowd!
In other news, Kevin McCall and my girl Eva Marcille posted their support for Trayvon via Instagram
  • You should watch the Show “THE REAL” on Fox 5 AT 11AM

 Source: YouTube
Kim Fields, the child actress turned Hollywood director is expecting at 44 years old.
Talia Joy Castellano R.I.P. Talia (this pic is gorgeous by the way)

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time


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