Why I’m Not Here for #WhiteGirlsRock

Everything Olivia Cole said below is truth, African Americans are not shown in the same light as Caucasians and their are rarely ever any representations of positive African American woman that’s why I refuse to be anything less. I once struggled with accepting and loving my identity as an African American Woman because of a lack of positive influence. As kids, we watch television and attract to ppl that we want to be like and often African Americans arent shown in a way that we would want to represent except for with money and several women and always smoking. Thank God for President Obama or some wouldnt have ever seen the light. I one day imagine my kids I am yet to have seeing positive examples of themselves, no matter the shape, size or color that they could look up to and let’s just pray one of the examples are me. We are so blessed to be seeing the day of the 1st African American this and that, lets just srive for more 1st, President Obama was just the beginning.

Olivia A. Cole


The Black Girls Rock! Foundation was founded in 2006 as an organization dedicated to the empowerment of young women of color; a foundation committed to helping black and brown girls overcome the myriad of obstacles a misogynoiristic society places squarely in front of them. The Black Girls Rock! Awards are now featured on BET as a way of recognizing role models, encouraging teachings of self worth, and emphasizing the talents of extraordinary women of color who are otherwise unseen in American media.

Let me emphasize that last part. “Women of color who are otherwise unseen in American media.” We need Black Girls Rock! because black girls and women are almost invisible in American media. Because if you were a black girl growing up in this country, watching TV and movies and reading magazines like every other kid, looking for some representation of yourself as something beautiful or heroic, you would…

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