Broken Silence

This blog post really touched my heart because I know someone who went through a similar situation. I would definitely say in those times when you feel weak Sheneka and anyone else going through this to seek God in those painful times. I know that you may not understand why God would allow this to happen but everything that God does, is not for us to understand but to know it’s for his greater will in the end. I want everyone to know who suffered the lost of a child, God returned one of his angels to heaven to guide and protect you, your life is living proof of that.

dariuswadejrI’m writing this blog because writing is a form of therapy for me and I sincerely enjoy it. Yesterday I had a real long talk with my therapist about my pain from losing my child. It’s been almost 6 years and I still hurt deeply on the inside from this tragic incident. I haven’t told anyone this story, so this will be my first time opening up about this. I appreciate you guys’ support and like every blog I write, I hope this blog helps someone else dealing with the pain I still deal with on a daily basis, but it’s time for me to open up so I can move on from the pain and let go, and let God.

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