Jealousy Kills!!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

Today, I watched the new episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta and I just couldn’t help but to discuss the jealousy that was occurring on the show tonight. If you watched the episode, you seen NeNe’s anger fuel as Marlo continuously asked or stated that she wasn’t invited to be on NeNe’s team. I think that NeNe must have some insecurity or reason to be overprotective when it comes to her friends. I understand that NeNe says that she feels that Marlo is an opportunist but I don’t believe that  because Marlo has more of an opportunity with NeNe than she does with Kenya as far as fame or whatever NeNe thinks that Marlo is seeking. I believe Kenya and Marlo are becoming close because everyone else is at odds with them or is not close to neither of them which caused them to be close to each other. NeNe is not appreciating how close Marlo has been getting to Kenya. I love all three of these women and I believe that the beef NeNe has with Kenya needs to stop, they are grown woman with businesses, relationships and money, no need to hate on another woman.

Jealousy is an extreme emotion that refers to the negative thoughts against someone else when they are truly your feelings about yourself. 

Jealousy is an emotion that causes people to spew hate on others because of a lack of confidence that they carry within themselves. When someone is jealous, they usually feel as though they are not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, pretty enough or whatever the situation may be. To get rid of this emotion, you need to look within and see where do you feel as though you lack and realize the truth about yourself. You may not be as pretty or talented as the other person but there is something special about you, focus on your strengths and not decreasing someone else’s light for your own gain. In the end, hating on them will not make you any greater and it will not dim their light, it may even brighten it. When you have your own life and your main focus is improving yourself, you wont have time to focus on anyone else. If you are jealous of someone else’s life, you aren’t putting enough energy into your own life which is probably the reason there is a lack. Self-confidence is important to have because without it, we lack trust in relationships, we lack hope for the future and we lack acceptance of our truths. 

From today on forward, I pray that if you recognize that you are carrying around a jealous spirit that you work on bettering you and gaining joy for the success of others around you. As Iyanla and Oprah once stated, “True Successful people congratulate the success of others.” We are trying to be successful, right? So, you aren’t alone when you want more for your life, just go get it but never step on someone’s else’s heels while buying a pair of your own. Love ya!!

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time



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