Domestic Dispute Involving Handsome Rapper The Game

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between: 

Have you heard the recent rumors? Rapper The Game, whom I didn’t pay attention to until I seen on reality TV, I knew who he was but didn’t pay attention. Once I seen him on TV, I realized that I love The Game and followed him on Instagram and Twitter.Image I watched his show “Marrying The Game” which is supposed to come on again later this year. I loved how he was very involved in his children’s lives and he seemed fun and cool to be around. About less than a week ago, I heard about a domestic dispute between Rapper The Game and his fiance from the television show Tiffney Cambridge. I believe  Cambridge is a teacher who is a little older than The Game and is the mother of two of The Game’s children, he also has an older son. His kids are all beautiful but I have such adoration for his youngest daughter, Miss Cali. Her personality is sooo cute and so is she. I cannot wait until the story reveals itself of the truth between this couple that i thought was beautiful. Tiffney is a beautiful, classy woman and she posted on Instagram “God will reveal the truth” about two days ago. Rapper The Game said “he never laid a hand on Tiffney and would always do whats best for his children. I hope everything works out for the both of them. Praying for them!! As I write this, I am reading that Eva Marcielle (Pigford) filed a restraining order against Kevin McCall, her newborn baby’s father and boyfriend. Story coming soon!!

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