Did Jay Z Cheat on Beyonce?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

Lately, extreme rumors have been circulating regarding one of the worlds most popular rappers and the worlds most popular female artist, yes, I am talking about Beyoncé and Jay Z. There have been rumors circulating saying Jay Z has been cheating with the singer Mya, rumors about a relationship with a Caucasian woman and even fashion designer, Rachel Roy.

Flashback: Remember, the elevator attack by Solange. Honestly, who could forget it!! I believe Solange had a strong reason for attacking Jay Z and Beyoncé stood there to protect her image and to not choose sides. 

I don’t believe the rumors about Jay Z dating Mya, I don’t believe he is paying her bills as MTO suggested and I don’t believe she would let Jay Z have the time of day considering he’s married, now many women do but honestly, I don’t think she would.

What do you think about women dating married men?

 Is it ever okay, what if he says that they are separated, does this make the situation acceptable?


I’ll tell you, I believe it doesn’t because you vowed in front of god that this is the person you would be with for your entire life and until you finalize everything between God and the court papers, you are still a married man. Often times, separation is an excuse for men to cheat or they say they are separated in attempt to get something from you when they are honestly playing both sides. Playing with this type of fire, will get you burnt.

I do believe something  is going on, Jay must be cheating because Beyoncé changed the lyrics in Irreplaceable to 12 years when the song use to say six and her and Jay have been together 12 years, maybe this was done to spark interest but I do think it’s a crazy con incidence if not.

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Thank you

Adios Amigos

Until Next Time


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