The Email That Almost Ruined Me

Exactly why I support everything @IamShenekaAdams does because she owns up to what she has done, she makes no excuses, and she learns to keep going even after pain. So many of us get stuck in a painful circumstance and never learn why it happened, how to avoid it and keep living!!!

Remember: Committing suicide has never hurt anyone as much as it will hurt you.

email symbol on row of colourful envelopesIt’s been 5 years since the worst day of my life….I think it’s about time I tell this story once and for all and get it out the way. I am in no way shape or form trying to bash anyone, just simply telling my side of the story and to let this be a warning for any young woman out there that may be deciding to make the same mistake I made. The crazy thing about the internet is, once something is on there, it’s there forever, and ever, even after you’re dead and gone…..listen to my story and take it as a learning lesson.

Before you make life changing decisions, THINK, you never know where you’ll be in 5 years. -Sheneka Adams

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