Is it okay to Stay Married for the kids?


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

My August 2014 Hot SugarShowRoom blog is up and I was wondering if you think it is okay to stay married for the sake of the kids?

Ill give you my opinion:

I believe if the relationship is abusive or controlling, demeaning and revengeful amongst the two of you, it would not be in the best interest of the kids or yourself to stay together. Often times, the relationship ends on a bad note and usually the two of you cannot stand each other by the end of the relationship and it is just best for you two to co-parent. Both parents are needed in the child’s life because Mothers offer the nourishment, necessities and nursing while Fathers are supposed to protect, and provide. 

When two parents separate, it often leaves the child confused as to what a relationship with a mother is like or a father. It often will strain the relationship and development when both parents aren’t there. Each case is unique. If you will be arguing and fighting in front of the kids, I would not suggest staying together but if you know how to control yourselves as civilized adults, which is extremely rare with two parents who were formally in a relationship because if you got along, you probably wouldn’t have had to separate, do what’s best for your children. At least manage the time you will spend with the child if you two do not stay married or in the same home so the child could still feel as though his/her parents love each other.

As stated before, every situation is unique and I believe you should do what’s best for the children. You know if the environment you provide for them will be conducive to their development or hinder it.

We as humans know when something doesn’t feel right or sound right than it usually is not right. Remember, your children come first because your Gods child and his number one priority.

Remember, he gave his only begotten son for your sins. His biggest commitment. What have you done to show your commitment to your children? 

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time



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