Carter Baby Number 2? According To Jay Z “She Pregnant With Another One”

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between: From the pictures from Beyonce’s birthday which she celebrated with her husband, mother, mother in law and baby Blue she appeared very pregnant as she sat down with a bathing suit cover up and in recent photos of her on “On the Run Tour”, she might just be pregnant with another Blue.

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The Beyonce’ Jay Z rumor mill has been swirling with all kinds of stories ever since the billion dollar elevator fiasco with the Carters and Solange Knowles. Pregnancy rumors, divorce rumors, separation speculations, and the list goes on and on. The most recent rumor however may have some truth to it. The Carters are currently in Paris for the international leg of their “On The Run” tour. A few pictures of Beyonce’ abdominal section do show what seems to be a slight baby bump. During the show, Jay Z may have made a subtle but not so subtle announcement during his performance of his hit song, ‘Beach Is Better’.  Jay switched up the lyrics rapping, “Cos she pregnant with another one”.

Are the rumors reality? Are Jay Z and Beyonce expecting baby number 2?

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