L.A. Officer Who Handcuffed “Django” Star Daniele Watts Defends His Actions (DETAILS)

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The Los Angeles police sergeant who handcuffed and detained Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts last week is defending his treatment of the star, saying the situation escalated when she refused to give her name.

Watts and her celebrity chef boyfriend Brian James Lucas have contacted the NAACP and lawyers to review the incident. The two claim officers mistreated her because of her race, assuming she was a prostitute because she is black, and Lucas was a customer because he is white.

But Sgt. Jim Parker says otherwise, claiming that the thought “never crossed his mind.”

In an interview with The Times, Parker said he approached the couple because they matched a 911 caller’s description of two people having sex in a car parked on Radford Avenue.

“I figured I could take care of this call and go get coffee and that was it,” Parker said, calling the incident a “long, drawn-out drama.”

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