What we see in others that We don’t see in Ourselves

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

So, I decided to write this post because of several reasons including personal experiences, R and B Divas: LA and more. I have noticed that people in my life and on this show see something in others that they don’t recognize but is also in themselves. I have seen   and heard many people say she is FAKE, referring to someone they know but when I look back at the situation, they are the fakest. It reminds me of the quote that when you have one finger pointing at someone else, it’s six fingers pointing back at you. I have heard and seen people lie and lie, over and over but for some reason their lie is excusable!! I don’t understand how people call another person boujie when their actions have shown that they are just that. I don’t quite like how women and men are quick to become Dr. Phil or Iyanla Vanzant for everyone else but themselves. I consider myself a counselor/life coach, too but my number one client is ME!! I don’t understand how you can work on fixing someone else’s situation without dealing with your own uphill battle but often times, we are led to help those who suffer or struggle in the same area that we do. We never understand the connection or bond that we share with someone that we are extremely close to but often they are fighting the same fight as us. They cry about what you cry about and they laugh at what you laugh at.
image I feel as though what Chrisette pointed out about Chante was also pointed back at her from Claudette because her and Claudette share that same trait and it’s difficult for Chrisette to see it in Chante because it is not something she does intentionally. I don’t think Chante is intentionally distant or mean but when she’s experiencing personal battles that feel out of her control, it is hard for to draw closer to people instead she pulls away. Chrisette and Chante are just in two different places in their lives and one show has brought them together at the same time. Hope they work it out!! So, Moral of the Story is the next time you decide to state how another person is or lives, CHECK YOUR OWN LIFE, boo!! ☺️😱👏

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time
Marshay H.


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