“FCK H8” Campaign!!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

As many of you may have heard or seen, there is an ad campaign that features young girls from the ages of 6-12 saying the word “FUCK” to relay a message of unequality amongst women in the job market and how millions of women have been raped. I have to say contrary to what many may say, I absolutely love this commercial. Anything regarding kids is always successful and the children in this video may be using vulgar language but the message is far greater than the fact that they’re cursing. The problem with the world is that we don’t like to live in our truth. The truth is we curse, you most likely curse, your kids curse, and your grown kids curse, your friends curse and oh, yeah, your coworkers curse, also. Now, what disturbs us about this video is the CURSING but I question you and ask Have you ever cursed at your kids? Have you ever cursed in front of your kids? Have you ever cursed while watching someone else’s kids? Have you heard your kids curse? Do you think your kids curse? Am I saying it’s right to curse, that decision is up to you but what I am saying is it’s an ACTION that is taken everyday but do we take ACTION and stand up for women’s rights as we should? No, we’d rather sit around and complain about the vulgarity of the video when IGNORING the overall message, Americas Issue!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!!

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Marshay H.



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