Really, Bruh??? Janky Journalist Don Lemon Asks Muslim Human Rights Attorney If He Supports ISIS Terrorists [Video]

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I agree with the man who answered Don Lennon’s response!!

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CNN Journalist Don Lemon Asks Muslim Attorney If He Sympathizes With Terrorists

CNN “journalist” Don Lemon did plenty last year to warrant slander for his sideways style of reporting and it looks like he’s headed in that same direction for 2015.

via Huffingont Post

CNN’s Don Lemon recently asked an international human rights lawyer if he supports the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria — a terrorist group that has committed a laundry list of barbarous human rights violations over the past year.

Following the deadly attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, Lemon invited Arsalan Iftikhar to join him for a discussion centered on radical Islam. Citing a poll from August 2014 that indicates 16 percent of French citizens support ISIS, Lemon wanted to know if those people could be considered Islamic extremists.

When Iftikhar, who is a senior editor at Islamic Monthly and founder of TheMuslimGuy.com, said that…

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