Lesbihonest: Angela Bassett Opens Up About Whitney Houston’s Rumored Gay Relationship With Robyn Crawford

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

What do you think about their relationship!??
The Whitney movie was impeccable, YaYa Decosta did a very good job. YaYa Decosta portrayed Whitney’s essence as far as I’ve been told!! She looked beautiful and like Tyra Banks without makeup in the movie. The actor who played Bobby Brown did a wonderful job, he evoked every emotion of the character and I believed everything he did without even saying anything. Amazing job at directing, Mrs. Or Ms. Angela Bassett.

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time
Marshay H.


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Angela Bassett Talks About Whitney Houston’s Rumored Gay Relationship

Did Whitney Houston have a secret lesbian relationship?

Via ET Online reports:

On Saturday night, the Lifetime original movie Whitney fueled speculation that the singer had an affair with her longtime friend and rumored romantic partner Robyn Crawford, played by Yolanda Ross.

In the film, directed by Angela Bassett, a jealous Robyn fights to protect Whitney (Yaya DaCosta) from Bobby Brown and also intimately comforts the superstar before she hits the stage. Was Robyn’s affection more than platonic?

“I can’t tell you,” Bassett says. “There always has been [rumors] and they still persist and I don’t know. But, there was always the speculation, so my thing was, let it remain. But it’d be however the audience sees it. If they read into it, that’s what they read into [regarding] their life – two women who are close and love each…

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