Don’t Cry Now: Military Wife In Court After Slashing Her Children’s Throats! [Video]

Hello Ladies andGentlemen and Everything In Between:
This foolishness is next level, another mentally ill person who should not have kids and has too much pressure from the children’s cries, has slashed their throats. The father might’ve been negligent, also, she needed help but I do feel she really does love her children and didn’t want them to die as she was screaming at the end. She is not well enough to provide and/or care for
Young children, 6 month old twins and a one your old, how could you do such a thing.
Adios Amigos, Until Next Time
Marshay H.


Army wife arrested after she ‘slashed throats of her daughter, two, and six-month-old twins’
Christina Booth, 29, is charged with three counts of attempted murder. She called 911 at 1.20am on Sunday and told dispatchers her children ‘wouldn’t stop crying.’ Her husband is a US Army soldier at nearby Joint Base Lewis-McChord. He returned from a second deployment in Afghanistan shortly before his twins were born

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