What would do if your DREAMS never came true?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between: Below is a poem I am writing as I type this blog posts. Please feel free to share!!

What would you do if your dreams never came true?

Would you run away or be okay?

Could you wake up and be glad you did?

Would you be happy with the choices you make?

Or will you be upset at the risk you never take?

The fears you never face

The struggles you tried to replace

But still they hit you everyday

And you wonder if its in the way you pray

Or maybe the things you say

Maybe its how you behave

Maybe its not even you at all

Maybe its those around you who are your downfall

Just maybe, it could be

Is it your attitude towards life?

Or could it be the color of your skin?

Is it your connotation and the way you speak?

It has you wondering, it is every part of me?

Maybe its the talent you feel you lack

And the determination you’ve never gotten back

Just maybe your confidence level isnt there

Maybe your soul isnt intact

Now is not the time to obsess over who you aren’t and what you don’t have

It’s time to realize that everything that you need is already within you

It’s time for you get to up and be all you were created to be

I can’t wait for the world to see the visions within me

I wrote this poem with the feeling that someone will see it who needs the inspirational and uplifting message that it carries, this even applies to myself. I am a writer at heart and can be inspired by almost anything. I’m just sitting watching Sparkle and I felt pushed to write. Now, take the above poem as your daily prayer if need be, uplift yourself and know that everything you need to succeed is already within you. Sometimes it requires a little push and training to come out, but trust me, its there. Let your visions breath, for years I’ve written poems, stories, etc. but I am just now letting ppl. receive a glimpse of that part of me. There’s so much more to come, join the train now by following my blog marshayh.wordpress.com and visiting my website MarshayH.com!!

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time

Marshay H.


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