Bruce Jenner: The Ultimate Transformation

Hello Ladies and Gentlmen and Everything In Between:

Today’s topic is Bruce Jenner and his interview with Diane Sawyer expressing his will to have gender reassignment surgery. For those of you who don’t know, gender reassignment is the surgical procedure by which a transgender person’s physical appearance and function of their existing sexual characteristics are altered to resemble that of their identified sex.

The Back-Story

Bruce expressed during the two-hour long interview that he has always remebered feeling as though he were a girl, even as a child. He revealed to his sister a few years ago that he would put on her dresses and his mother’s scarfs and this was something he enjoyed doing. Bruce is known as the world’s greatest athlete and he has stated that his strong masculine outer appearance did not match whom he was on the inside. He has been married three times and has six children. He is the step-father (father) of the Kardashians.

My Beliefs

I have for many years found it diffficult to believe as many transgender people have spoken out and said that they were born in the wrong bodies. I believe that God purposefully placed you in the body that you were meant to be in. Bruce said he doesn’t believe he was born in the wrong body but that this was apart of God’s plan for him, a part of his purpose. Contrary to many beliefs, I agree. I believe this is not something that Bruce could control but it is a feeling that he carries and has no other idea what to do with. Maybe, he was meant to be an example for many that deal with feeling like they belong on the other side but I argue to say, that the misperception we carry of what a woman or man is supposed to be, alters our thinking of who we are.

During this interview, sadness continued to come over me. When I watched Bruce Jenner speak  on feeling like he is a woman. My heart hurt for the little boy inside of him feeling stuck in a body that did not match his inner feelings. I’ve seen parents have children come on the Tyra Show who were transgender and some as young as 18 months have been found expressing the feeling of different identity then the one they currently claim. I have had a hard time understanding how a child can express being born in the wrong body and I often think it is things that happened to them in life, through genetics and food and misperception that could cause them to feel that way but I’ve recently come to terms, that maybe is it a combination of several of the aspects stated in the sentence above and maybe even that child really feels BORN IN THE WRONG BODY!!

Many people were supportive of Bruce and I am fully supportive of him honestly expressing what he has always battled with behind closed doors. If you watch the interview, you will see Bruce say that he told his first wife that he likes to cross-dress, his second wife that he wants to be a woman and he even began taking hormones, developing breasts and more. He expressed to his third wife, that he sometimes likes to dress as a woman but he down-played his inner struggle.

The Conclusion

My question to Bruce is “what is it that makes him believe he is a WOMAN?” He said his soul fees like a woman but what traits or characteristcs does that soul consist of? I don’t know Bruce’s struggle and I could never quite say I understand it but the understanding I have is that no one’s battle is your own, which means the situation and struggle is not yours to carry or deal with so you may not understand what he/she feels like being inside of a body that does not match his spirit. I’ll give you an example, have you ever felt like you didn’t fit “in” or belong anywhere?? That feeling is ten times worse when the thing you wake up with everyday faces you and causes you to question your own existence. If you’ve ever struggled with being ousted or dealt with a demon that felt beyond your control, just sympathize with the little boy that exists inside of Bruce. I always say that what you miss  or lack as a child, you search for the rest of your life, until found. For some reason, I feel like Bruce’s father being hard on him and often pushing him into sports could’ve caused a complexity or feeling of wanting to be the opposite of what his father created and/or his father may have seen signs at a young age that Bruce was a bit feminine and his father may’ve tried to push him into being macho, when in actuality that was not who he was completely. Don’t forget, Bruce is still the greatest athlete of all time, that is still a huge part of who he is. We often do not discuss things that we can’t grasp the thought of, things that scare us or cover our inner secrets but I challenge to began to openly discuss the thing that you were taught not to ever mention. The Ultimate Transformation is not his big reveal as a woman, but the reveal of shedding all layers of what people PERCEIVED to BECOME WHO YOU WERE TRULY MEANT TO BE!! I pray for the best for Bruce Jenner during his journey.

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time

Marshay H.


2 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner: The Ultimate Transformation

  1. I can only speak for myself but to answer the question ‘what makes me feel I am a woman’ is not a single definable thing but many. First appreciate that it is a feeling, like feeling hungry or tired or afraid. How would you describe these things to an alien that had never experienced them? When the brain wants something it has a way of letting you know.

    My earliest friends were mostly female because I felt more comfortable around them. I recall describing myself as a tom girl (the opposite of a tom boy). I was drawn to feminine things such as music and cartoons, my attitudes and mannerisms have always, at least on an instinctive level veered more feminine.

    When I was about eight I had experienced enough ridicule and harassment that I made a very conscious decision to become more masculine. I’ve learned to act male but that’s all it’s ever been, an act. I’ve spent my life trying to analyze why I feel this way, I’ve examined my own experiences, spoken with other trans peole, watched everything I came across on TV and I’ve done all kinds of reading. The answer I keep coming back to – supported by many reliable sources – is that it’s simply the way I was born.

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    1. Thank you for your comment and sharing a piece of your story with me, I will never fully understand your feeling that you carried but I do acknowledge that this is a feeling that some people have. i am getting a better understanding as I have ppl. like yourself reach out to me and openly discuss it. I’m not againt you at all, I support you being who you were born to be, I just would love to learn more. Again, thank you for your comment and I wish you the best!!

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