2015 · health

Struggle: OUR OWN INNER FEELINGSkeep it moving is through God.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:


How come the struggle we battle with most is our OWN INNER FEELINGS? That battle is your creator’s purpose for your life being challenged by the devil. You may struggle with acceptance of your body, personality, facial features, lifestyle, emotions, spiritual connections and so much more. When God created you, he had a divine purpose for your life, there are things that the devil knows that you battle with, that he will challenge you the most on. Your MIND is the most powerful thing EVER. Your mind is what causes your inner battle and you may lose control of it at anytime.


You may not quite understand how a person with bipolar, emotional state could chage within a blink of an eye, sometimes without warning or reason. There is something that is in the composition of their mind that tells them or sends signals to react in an abrupt manner. These signals are the same signals that cause you to walk or run accept in your case, you might tell your brain by your body’s impulse that’s what your trying to do. Mental disorders are often not under one’s control and when a person suffers from these disorders it is a daily struggle that you might not quite understand unless ever in their shoes. It is similar to depression as your brain is constantly reminded oof the negativity in your life and not the positive things or love that surrounds you. You may not understand why Kylie Jenner decided to get temporary lip fillers but as she said insecurities led her to do it and I must say her lips look better than ever. There is this human sense that we carry that causes us to often question, doubt or hate things about ourselves that we may admire or love on others but why do we do this?? I believ it is the devil  tempting you to believe that everything that God has given you is or will never be GOOD ENOUGH that is his plan of manipulation.


Why is it that we are always trying to be GOOD ENOUGH? What is GOOD ENOUGH? Our past mistakes, failures and issues always make us struggle to defy the odds of which we feel we have been set against. IF were short, we carry a life long burden of proving that our inner man is tall and often we see someone with big boobs and think nothing wrong of it and that it is attractive, but on ourselves, we dislike it, often to the point of hate. Sad but true!! The devil is so tired of seeing you win and he wants to assure that God’s blessings don’t make it to your lap, he will try to bend and stretch you in every manner possible so that you would quit. God allows him to let you struggle beause yes, it makes you stronger but do we like that feeling while we are going through? I know I dont, I cant stand the feeling, it often causes me to question life and my purpose. I know one of you or maybe many can relate to that feeling.


The struggle will never end, life will get better and at points, be its best but it will never END. This journey called life will take you up and bring you down. It will sometimes keep you down, sometimes pull you up and other times feel at a steadfast (constant but stifling place). Learn to look back at what hurts you, causes you anguish and learn to use it as amunition through prayer. I’m speaking from my experience of feeling my lowest, the only way that I feel able to do that is through GOD. My best advice through this post will be to try him, you dont need a church, you just need to open your heart and start conversation with him. He will listen and give you a GREAT two word response. As Tina and Erica would say, Hallelujah saints?? Im watching Mary Mary, duh!!

Adios Amigos, Untill Next Time



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