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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: (Season 4, Episode 4)

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

Love and Hip Hop started off with Stevie J, ten days into his rehab program when he gets a visit from his lovely wife, Joseline. Joseline tells Stevie about her meeting with his ex Mimi and how he told Mimi she would apologize and Joseline says that is something she would never do. Stevie knew good and well that would not go over easy with the Puerto Rican Princess. Stevie also mentioned to Joseline that when he comes home, they will not be drinking or smoking but Joseline didn’t understand why her life had to change because he’s in rehab. We’ll see how long Stevie’s charade of not drinking actually lasts.

Stevie finally earned a visit out for “religious relief” and he was at church when Mimi came in to see him. Stevie told her how well he’s doing and  she told him never to set up a meeting again with his “beast of a wife” Joseline because she did not apologize at all. Instead, she acted delusional about ever placing her hands on Mimi.

Nikko tells his wife to move to Atlanta, she does so and says she did not know she would be staying in the same building as her husband, Nikko. Nikko claims he wants to work on their relationship so he admits that he and Mimi purposely released the tape and had a plan to say  that it was stolen out of his luggage to protect Mimi.

Erica finally gets Scrappy to meet with her about the child support that she feels he owes her and they both bring their lawyers. The lawyers try to duke it out and Scrappy basically suggest that he was supposed to help her out when she needs it and he says his daughter is well taken care of and not in need of nothing but the meeting never comes to a resolve.

Joc’s baby mother Sina goes to Khadiyah’s office with “proof” that Joc is still sleeping with her. So, Sina shows Khadiyah the video she taped of how easy it is for her to have Joc when she wants him. Khadiyah took the tablet, slammed it on the floor and stepped on it; she even threw Sina’s purse at her as she was walking out. For some reason, Sina wasn’t as hype to fight Khadiyah as she was in the studio.

Kaleena has her baby and is under a huge amount of stress, with her husband having ideas of opening a new club and using their savings to do it.

Khadiyah ties Joc up and puts on her lingerie, then shows him the same tape that Sina showed Khadiyah. Joc told Khadiyah to turn the tape off and when she did, she beat him with a belt and shoved strawberries in his mouth and normally, this looks like something Karlie Redd would do but this was all Mad Woman Khadiyah’s idea.

Karlie Redd and Rasheeda have a sit down about Karlie’s business opening and how Rasheeda brought Erica who showed off at her event. Rasheeda says Erica came to speak to Karlie about not telling her about opening a business with someone else but Rasheeda does not apologize for her behavior. She calls Karlie a “messy bird” and storms off.

While Stevie is in rehab, he gets an indictment for his arrest over failure to pay child support. His lawyer tells him to call his family and let them know what happened because as soon as he gets out of her rehab, he will be going straight to a New York prison.

Joseline and Stevie go to a counseling session while he’s in rehab to discuss not drrinking when he gets out. Joseline says she will do anything to help her husband with the porogram and Stevie was surprised at how quiet she was during the session.

Next week, we’ll see Margo tell the rest of the ladies the truth behind the infamous sex tape starring her husband and Mimi.

On the after show, we found out that Momma Dee and Joc are actually cousins, no wonder pimping is in both of their blood.

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time



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