#BlackBoys Poem

Titled ‪#‎BlackBoys‬: ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬

It’s unfair to say the least, how they can unleash the beast and with a simple release; they value your life the least.

So easy just to see you lay, lifeless and say– that the color of your beautiful brown skin is not what made them pull the trigger and End-

Oh No, it’s something you did- I think being black, there’s a target on your head and for some odd reason they don’t tread lightly, maybe they think they can repeat the past with no consequences, they still walk the streets freely but there’s one man above all who who doesn’t lie in a casket,

His name is God and skin color to him is not a factor in your quality of life- They fear you most and let me tell you why- Your strength is unbearable so they’d rather see you die–

They are not thinking about how one day, you could be the same very man who saves their life or even introduces them to their next wife, they don’t fret to think about your kids or lives you will lead but chance is you’re within reach of perfect aim and their fear causes them to pull the trigger as your hands are raised-

All of a sudden, the bullet graze(s) right through your heart and a life full of golden treasure, they watch drop-As your heart stops, theirs begins to beat-

And as a man they finally feel the strength to stand on their feet.
-This is the harsh reality of the world we live end but trust all ends well with God!!

*Marshay Herder*

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time
Marshay H


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