Erica Campbell’s “I Luh God” Video

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Evesything In Between:

I recently have been disgusted with the amount of disrespectful and ignorant comments left on pics or clips of Erica Campbell’s “I Luh God” video. People have claimed that it is trap gospel music and claimed that her presentation of this song is not like God or a good example for Christians. I beg to differ, this song catches the attention of someone who wouldn’t listen to an old school baptist or Pentecostal gospel song but it still brings the person closer to God. Today’s generation doesn’t have many positive influences or often church going parents who ground them with love and structure so they often search for structure in other places. Erica talked about this yesterday on her episode of Being: Erica Campbell, how often sexualitysex and Christianity are two seperate completely different entities so teens who want to save themselves for marriage have no idea how to have a healthy sex life after marriage, which is absolutely true. In church, they slim to none ever mention sex, all you know is not to do it until your married. This is a discussion that  needs to be had and Erica opened up to it a bit on her “More than Pretty” event, which I pray she would extend to a tour so I could attend. Back to Erica’s video, that video is showing a beautiful godly woman singing about her love for him and people have turned a positive message into something negative because of the delivery of the fast beat and tone of the song, SAD!! People today often worry about what something looks like or seems, instead of what it truly is and our perception of reality is dismantled. I just want Erica Campbell to know that I love her, she represents Christ in an amazingly fun and loving way. Erica is strong, fiesty, nice, respectful and respectable. She loves her family, kids and husband and has an amazing career. She doesn’t make God to be something to fear or be ashamed of not being good enough for but she makes God a neccesity. Also, on her #Being episode she talked about her curves and how God gave them to her so she has no problem showing them. I’ve never seen anything wrong with a curvaceous woman showing curves tastefully and being sexy. Many Christians that I encounter worry more about their physical beings and if that matches up to their imaginary standard that God set instead of the true reality of what God really looks at, your heart and soul. You could have a gown to the floor and covering your whole neck, arms, back and all but if you mistreat people and have an evil spirit, that gown will not take you far into God’s arms or heavenly gates. It will leave you right at the door, I promise. I’ll leave you with this, worry less about the dress she has on and the care more about the lives she’s changed and maybe, someday; you, too will change lives.

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time



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